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Picture of me and Pixel on the flower field next to the Mendocino coast

As some of you know I’m on my years-long sabbatical trip, travelling around the world. I told myself before I publish any official post about my trip, I have to finish this article which has been long overdue. I’ll keep this short and sweet.

As always, I’m not sponsored or commissioned by any of the places I mentioned. You can trust that all information is purely from my experience.


If you’re looking for a 1 or 2-night weekend getaway with your dog (or kids) around the…

Havasupai was an amazing experience. It was a paradise that’s out of this world. I decided to write this blog because when researching for my trip, I found a lot of helpful blogs regarding getting the permit and what to bring. However, I couldn’t find many blogs that talk about the experience of camping there.

Note: In this blog, I won’t talk about how to get the permit or what to bring since you can find a lot of helpful tips from other blogs.

Thursday night

Right after we landed in Las Vegas, we went to REI to pick up the Jetboil…

Last April 2017, I spent 7 days in Iceland by myself and I decided to do the Ring Road (driving around the country). It was quite an experience, but there were things many other travelers and I wished we have known beforehand.


List out specific places where you want to go with pictures so you can plan your trip more accordingly to the time you have.

“If you want people go to our app 10 times a day, release a virus every hour and they will do just that.”

When I was working on a consumer mobile security product, there was a huge debate around the product goals among different stakeholders. The Product Manager wanted to increase user engagement inside and outside of the app by gamifying it. The more users go into the app to scan their devices, the more points users would get. Users could then trade those points for gift cards or other rewards. It may have sounded like an interesting idea, because…

Tinder is the hottest online dating app that allows users to show their interest in each other by swiping right on a person’s picture. If two users swipe right on one another, they are instantly matched and Tinder will notify both! This is when two persons can start a conversation within the app. Sounds super easy.

Modified from Thomas Hawk’s Flickr

Why should user experience designers and researchers think about safety and security of their users?

One of the key questions we often ask ourselves when creating a product is, “How easy is this product for the users to use?” Then, we come up with different interaction concepts, test and enhance the experience. However, during the whole process, how many prioritize the users’ safety at the top of our mind? I am not talking about security breach or data leak, but the safety of an experience whether the users are inside or outside of the app.

Ace Vu

Storyteller, UX Designer, Accessibility Advocate, and World’s Beauty Admirer

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