Hi Jessica, it’s great that you are encouraging students to care more about inclusive design. I really think more schools should have accessibility and as a required course or embed it into the UX courses. You mentioned the Research practice course, a Content course, and Front-end development course, but what I find missing is an accessibility design course. The three courses above are great for designers to build awareness and empathy for inclusive design but they don’t seem to provide hands-on training for designers. What I usually find missing when advocating and doing training for accessibility is that many designers don’t have the basic knowledge of creating accessible designs in term of visual, interaction, and content. This results in lots of unaware mistakes in the digital product/UX industry.

One of my favorite materials for solving the inclusive design problems is the Microsoft Inclusive Design toolkit activities. I think your students may enjoy it.

Storyteller, UX Designer, Accessibility Advocate, and World’s Beauty Admirer