Mendocino: A great last-minute weekend getaway with your dog

Picture of me and Pixel on the flower field next to the Mendocino coast


Video of different clips I recorded during our weekend trip, showing the hotel, beaches, downtown, and the lake.


Picture 1: Pixel and I are sitting in our hotel’s patio with the ocean view. Picture 2: Pixel and I are walking at the beach nearby before sunset


Picture 1 shows my dinner of grilled fish, smoked lamp and some appetizers. Picture 2 shows my desserts of Crème brûlée with cookies and mango ice cream


Picture of me walking with Pixel down the stairway to the beach with green grass and flowers on the sides.

1. Explore downtown and the coast

Picture 1: Pixel and I are walking in the middle of the road with the ocean behind us. Picture 2: Storefront of Fog Eater Cafe

2. Enjoy the beaches

3. Catch a canoe

Picture of me on a canoe with Pixel at a beautiful lake.
Pictures of Pixel on the canoe letting the wind blowing her ears.

4. Drive to Glass Beach

Breathe the fresh air and relax



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Ace Vu


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