These are really good insights and tips so far Shaun. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate your point about self care. While often we try to reduce our spending on the trip or try to do as many activities with the time we have, spoiling ourselves is an important reminder why we do the trip in the first place.

It’s hard to plan everything before hand and even so you can’t still plan everything. A big advice I got for sabbatical is don’t plan much, you should enjoy it day by day. Otherwise it would just be like a work trip with an intensive schedule.

I’m not sure it is still the same as I remember, but parents in Asia seem to have a little less stress when they go out with their kids. Not less stress in general but when they take their kids on trip and so on. I’m not sure how they do it but they still able to enjoy themselves. Perhaps that could be some observation for your next podcast talk 😄.

It’s also important for Desi to enjoy the places and activities as well. Maybe it’s more important that she enjoys it. If she’s happy, you guys will be happy. 🥳

One big thing I learned after years of traveling is that focus on the moment and the important things. Don’t let social media, blog, or other things distract you. That’s like adding more tasks on top of whatever you have to deal with. Sometimes it takes away the moment and your rest time at night.

With that said, drink lots of beer (it’s so cheap there), eat lots of food, and enjoy every second because who know when you will get a chance to do this again.

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